Best Android Data Recovery Apps

5 Best Android Data Recovery Apps & Software

It is painful to remove important data. Although there may be several reasons why you lost your data in the first place; It can be accidental or not know how to backup your device, there are always ways to bring it back as Android data recovery apps.

Whether it is anything that has happened to your Android devices, if it has been broken, accidentally deleted data, the device has broken down, the SD card is formatted, or if you reset your Android device without backing it up Was, etc. And this lost data can be anything like photo, file, document, content, call history etc. Even if the data is gone, it has not really left the storage unit completely, and it can be obtained using efficient Android data recovery apps.

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What to look for in a Data Recovery app?

  • It should recover whatever you want to recover from your deleted files and data. Be it photos, contacts, SMS, attachments, call history, flashing ROM etc.
  • This should give you an overview of the data you are retrieving.
  • Some apps offer to fix Android phone system performance such as freezing, crashing, iris attack etc.
  • If the app supports Android devices whose data you want to recover.

Best Android Data Recovery Apps

1. PhoneRescue


PhoneRescue iMobie Inc. to recover deleted or lost data. Has been developed by It is one of the most effective Android data recovery apps. phoneRescue is a different app for different handsets. It scans very quickly.

PhoneRescue checks your phone for any backups that may exist and can then recover lost data. You just need to connect your Android to PC / Mac after installing PhoneRescue on your PC / Mac and choose whether you want to recover data with backup or without backup.

Downloading, installing and running this Android data recovery app will not pose any threat to your PC / Mac. There is a trial version of the software so that you can test its services, but for the full version and to enjoy the full recovery options and all the features of the software, you need to get the full version

2. MyJad  


Myjad Android Data Recovery is free. Myjad is here to recover your images, songs, videos, documents, archives and data stored on your SD card. To use Myjad, you just need to run it on your PC while your Android device is connected to the PC and it can be accessed by Myjad recovery software.

Myjad will analyze, validate and retrieve three simple clicks, allowing you to regain your digital life.

This is a complete data recovery Android application. It is completely safe to use as it scans and restores read-only. It will recover all your files in original quality.

 3. FonePaw Data Recovery

FonePaw Data Recovery

Fonepaw Recovery Assistant has been the choice of many users of data recovery applications. It will recover deleted data in few minutes. It is compatible with a good number of devices. It will recover almost all types of files for you, such as videos, pictures, audio, archives, documents, and more.

It has two smart recovery modes. It quickly scans and retrieves corrupt and inaccessible files on your device while recovering your data from RAW devices.

Fonepaw will help you recover a good range of storage media including internal and external hard drives, pen drives, SD cards, smartphones and more.

4. Wondershare Dr.fone for android

Wondershare Dr.fone for android

Designed for data recovery on Android and iOS smartphones. It has all the options available for your complete data recovery. It helps you move and save the information that users need, for example, pictures, videos, contacts, SMS, call history, etc.

It retrieves and copies the information required for your PC from your Android device. It unlocks root access to your Android smartphone with just one click. You can use this app to transfer or copy data from one device to another.

Drfone only reads your data from your device while it is being retrieved. It does not change or modify it. This will not cause any data leakage of your data.

(Don’t fall for rumors about this amazing data recovery app. It’s absolutely safe to use and has an amazing customer support team. If the software doesn’t work for you in any way and you bought it. On their site, they will refund it to you.)

5. Icare Data Recovery

Icare Data Recovery

It is a commercial recovery program for the Windows operating system, which is used to recover files, entire partitions, and entire hard drives. Whether you lost, accidentally erased your data, or made data inaccessible: it can be brought back to life.

Icare data recovery works with three scenarios:

  • First, it can be used to recover formatted drives and partitions that include external storage space.
  • Second, it restores partitions that have been corrupted and are unreadable by your Android device with its advanced recovery option.
  • Although you can easily work with the first and second scenarios for free, but to reach the third scenario, you need the Pro version. This scenario allows you to recover from deleted, non-recognized, or corrupted files due to software failures or partition errors. This is why it is called commercial data recovery software.


Although many Android data recovery apps are available to one user. You should make a choice only after knowing the functions and features you perform in a data recovery application.

There are many apps that do not require root and will recover deleted photos on Android without root, while others require rooting the device. Moving forward with data recovery apps is a big decision as some Android data recovery apps are available for free. If you want to take full advantage of these recovery apps then you will usually need a Pro or Premium version.

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